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In our car-service center can service all types of Opel vehicles, as well as the following car brands: Volkswagen, Peugeot, Renault, Citroen, Skoda, Fiat, Seat, Mercedes etc.

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Working days: 08:30 – 17:30

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Indjija, 9 Jugovica, Serbia

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(022) 560-216 ; (064) 40-55-081

The original car parts


Auto service is equipped with the most advanced equipment for auto-diagnostics and servicing vehicles.


Professionalism Auto Service Komazec-and is fully oriented to providing the best and most efficient service to our clients in all segments: from scheduling the arrival of the service, through diagnostics on modern devices, regular maintenance >>>...



Manufacturers in today’s vehicles have installed electronic systems that monitor the operation of the vehicle and timely signal the malfunction. Built-in computer monitors operation of electronic sensors, records the various events and faults and timely >>>...



One of the most essential elements of the security group represents braking system. In our service with a mandatory check of the integrity, we do replacement for all parts of the brake system. Brake Service >>>...



For some small service represents the only oil change every 15,000 kilometers traveled – We are with this disagree. In Auto Service Komazec-in, our technicians carry out a comprehensive control and verification of vehicles, step >>>...



When you come to our service that for your vehicle, do a great service, know that this is part of the work that our skilled and professional technicians love most and do best. In order >>>...


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Car Servicing – Komazec-in for the fleet of your company, organization or institution. If the fleet of your company, organization or institution make passenger vehicles and delivery programs that require high-quality and convenient maintenance, at >>>...

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Car Service Center Komazec-in offers excellent conditions for fleet maintenance for many companies. Become one of our satisfied client. If you need any additional information we are available, feel free to send us your request via the contact form or call us on one of our contact phones.
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