Manufacturers in today’s vehicles have installed electronic systems that monitor the operation of the vehicle and timely signal the malfunction. Built-in computer monitors operation of electronic sensors, records the various events and faults and timely signals via lamp on the dashboard or prevents operation of the vehicle.
Detection of failure is unthinkable without the help of diagnostic tools that take data from the computer of the vehicle. The use of computer diagnostics, knowledge of vehicles and individual components with the inevitable experience, represent the key to the success of finding and eliminating the failure of the car.

Computer diagnostics are used in cases when our computer on-board signals the failure, malfunction of a part or the whole system. Most often it is lit orange light with the symbol of the engine or the inscription “Check Engine” on the dashboard. Note that our computer signals does not provide details about the problem. Only trained operators with the help of computer diagnostics can give a precise answer to the cause of the problem.

Auto service Komazec-and is equipped with the latest diagnostics in order to eliminate any defects in your vehicle

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