When you come to our service that for your vehicle, do a great service, know that this is part of the work that our skilled and professional technicians love most and do best.

In order for your vehicle and after a while and continues to be synonymous with safety and quality, maintenance and servicing of vehicles is a serious and responsible job. Just so are our service – serious and responsible.
Under basic servisiom sized to include the following activities:

Replacement of drive belts – PK and the toothed belt or chain drive
Replacement water pump
Replacement roller and chain tensioner
Replacement of coolant
Depending of mileage, model and age of the vehicle, with the great service we perform the following services:

Replacement preheat
Overhaul or replacement nozzles
Replacement plates, brake discs, brake discs and oil
Replacement power steering oil
Overhaul or replacement power steering pumps
Replacement sets of clutch
Service or repair the system auto climate
Checking tire and tire pressure
Reset malfunction indicator and the indicator maintenance.

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